Spring and Fall Salmon

The Rogue River

Estuary Fishing


The estuaries of rivers like the Klamath River and Rogue River offer anglers an amazing opportunity at catching and harvesting fresh salmon. It’s the closest you can get to the open ocean with out actually being on the ocean and worrying about motion sickness. The Rogue River bay and Klamath River Estuary are the first stops for intercepting these amazing fish. Trips are ran out of a spacious and safe 24’ jet boat. We use high end gear, G-Loomis and Shimano reels. Trips start at 225 per angler.


Up River Trips

Klamath River Rogue River


The upriver Klamath River and Rogue River trips offer guests some unbelievable scenery to take in as well as a fun style “light tackle” approach to catching salmon. On Klamath River tips we can head upstream upwards of 20+ miles for the day. It’s a fun style of casting and drifting, a more interactive way of fishing for guests. It’s a great trip for a group of buddies or the whole family. Disclaimer for men…statistics show that if you bring the ladies you will catch more.. but they will probably out fish you!